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Become a Restaurant Inventory Auditor

Most companies will spend 80% of their time focusing on gaining new customers and 20% of their time focusing on helping existing customers but at Skrible we do the opposite!

Question) What does a Restaurant Inventory Auditor do?

Answer) Skrible auditors visit local restaurants to help identify missing inventory. We count and weigh all food or alcohol inventory onsite including bottle beers, liquor, wine and kegs. Upon completion of our count, we're typically able to tell the restaurant exactly what is missing and its value.

Question) Why is this important?

Answer) The restaurant industry is widely known for being a low-profit margin business which means that they need to control cost everywhere they can, including cost related to their inventory. Skrible Inventory Auditor's support restaurants by helping them identify problems related to potentially missing inventory. For the average restaurant or bar, our services could help decrease inventory losses by as much as 8%.

Question) Can't restaurants count their own inventory?

Answer) Absolutely, restaurants can and will use their employees for this task but outside auditors bring an additional level of checks and balance that restaurants truly value.

Question) Is this fulltime or parttime? What are the hours?

Answer) Audits are considered gigs so there's no set schedule just offers which you are free to accept or decline. Each auditor is offered a flat rate for the estimated time of the audit. Audits are typically started and completed in the early morning before the restaurant is open.


Question) How much does the average auditor make?

Answer) The average auditor can make anywhere from $500 - $1000 per month. You pick and choose the offers you want to accept. In addition, the flexibility in your schedule is ideal for work-life balance and you stay safe by not having strangers in your vehicle or going from house to house.






Question) Do I need to have restaurant experience?

Answer) Of course having restaurant experience is a plus but it's not required. Skrible has a training program that will teach you all the ins and outs of counting inventory and looking for problems

Question) What do you look for in an auditor

Answer) Auditing isn't rocket science but it does require a few things in order to be successful.

  1. Early riser who has a great track record of being on-time and not missing work

  2. High level of attention to detail and can easily stay focused

  3. In good physical condition with the ability to stand, bend, stretch and lift

  4. Personal vehicle for traveling between multiple locations

  5. Professional appearance

  6. Able to pass a basic background check

  7. Personal pride in self-work

  8. Team Player

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